Brief communication "Calabria daily rainfall from 1970 to 2006"

Other literature type English OPEN
Federico, S. ; Pasqualoni, L. ; Avolio, E. ; Bellecci, C. (2010)

This brief communication introduces a new quality-controlled precipitation database for Calabria, shows the precipitation trend for the period considered, and correlates daily rainfall with some common teleconnection patterns. The database consists of daily accumulated precipitation collected by 61 rain gauges from 1 January 1970 to 31 December 2006. <br><br> The 37-year trend in yearly rainfall shows a decrease of 4.7 mm/y, with a 17% reduction in the yearly mean value. <br><br> The correlation of the daily rainfall with large-scale patterns shows that the Mediterranean Oscillation Index (MOI a/c) is a useful predictor of daily precipitation over Calabria.
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