Brief communication "A pre seismic radio anomaly revealed in the area where the Abruzzo earthquake (M=6.3) occurred on 6 April 2009"

Other literature type English OPEN
Biagi, P. F. ; Castellana, L. ; Maggipinto, T. ; Loiacono, D. ; Schiavulli, L. ; Ligonzo, T. ; Fiore, M. ; Suciu, E. ; Ermini, A. (2010)

We report the information that in the days of the radio anomaly presented in the paper Biagi et al. (2009) an interruption of the broadcasting from the transmitter (RMC, France) happened. It remains unclear if the action resulted in a complete power off of the system, or in a reduction in the radiated power, and if this has affected France only, or every direction. Should a complete power off have occurred, the proposed pre-seismic defocusing is inexistent. Our doubts on this action are reported.
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