Pre-Cretaceous Agaricomycetes yet to be discovered: Reinvestigation of a putative Triassic bracket fungus from southern Germany

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Kiecksee, A. P. ; Seyfullah, L. J. ; Dörfelt, H. ; Heinrichs, J. ; Süß, H. ; Schmidt, A. R. (2012)

Agaricomycetes are major components of extant terrestrial ecosystems; however, their fruiting bodies are exceedingly rare as fossils. Reinvestigation of a peculiar fossil from Late Triassic sediments of southern Germany interpreted as a bracket fungus revealed that this fossil in fact represents a wood abnormality, resulting from injury to the cambium and subsequent callus growth in a <i>Baieroxylon</i> -like ginkgoalean wood. As a result, the fossil record of the Agaricomycetes does not yet pre-date the Early Cretaceous, suggesting a late diversification of basidiomycetes possessing large fruiting bodies. <br><br> doi:<a href="" target="_blank">10.1002/mmng.201200006</a>
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