Using ERA-Interim Reanalysis output for creating datasets of energy-relevant climate variables

Other literature type English OPEN
Jones, Philip D. ; Harpham, Colin ; Troccoli, Alberto ; Gschwind, Benoit ; Ranchin, Thierry ; Wald, Lucien ; Goodess, Clare M. ; Dorling, Stephen (2017)

The construction of a bias-adjusted dataset of climate variables at the near surface using ERA-Interim Reanalysis is presented. A number of different bias-adjustment approaches have been proposed. Here we modify the parameters of different distributions (depending on the variable), adjusting those calculated from ERA-Interim to those based on gridded station or direct station observations. The variables are air temperature, dewpoint temperature, precipitation (daily only), solar radiation, wind speed and relative humidity, available at either 3 or 6&thinsp;h timescales over the period 1979-2014. This dataset is available to anyone through the Climate Data Store (CDS) of the Copernicus Climate Change Data Store (C3S), and can be accessed at present from (<a href="" target ="_blank"></a>). The benefit of performing bias-adjustment is demonstrated by comparing initial and bias-adjusted ERA-Interim data against observations.
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