Tropospheric NO2 columns: a comparison between model and retrieved data from GOME measurements

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Lauer, A. ; Dameris, M. ; Richter, A. ; Burrows, J. P. (2002)

Tropospheric NO<sub>2</sub> plays a variety of significant roles in atmospheric chemistry. In the troposphere it is one of the most significant precursors of photochemical ozone (O<sub>3</sub>) production and nitric acid (HNO<sub>3</sub>). In this study tropospheric NO<sub>2</sub> columns were calculated by the fully coupled chemistry-climate model ECHAM4.L39(DLR)/CHEM. These have been compared with tropospheric NO<sub>2</sub> columns, retrieved using the tropospheric excess method from measurements by the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) of up-welling earthshine radiance and the extraterrestrial irradiance. GOME is part of the core payload of the second European Research Satellite (ERS-2). For this study the first five years of GOME measurements have been used. The period of five years of observational data is sufficiently long to facilitate for the first time a comparison based on climatological averages with global coverage, focussing on the geographical distribution of the tropospheric NO<sub>2.</sub><br> <br> A new approach of analysing regional differences (i.e. on continental scales) by calculating individual averages for different environments provides more detailed information about specific NO<sub>x</sub> sources and of their seasonal variations. The results obtained enable the validity of the model NO<sub>2</sub> source distribution and the assumptions used to separate tropospheric and stratospheric parts of the NO<sub>2</sub> column amount from the satellite measurements to be investigated.
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