Surface deformation on the west portion of the Chapala lake basin: uncertainties and facts

Other literature type English OPEN
Hernandez-Marin, M. ; Pacheco-Martinez, J. ; Ortiz-Lozano, J. A. ; Araiza-Garaygordobil, G. ; Ramirez-Cortes, A. (2015)

In this study we investigate different aspects of land subsidence and ground failures occurring in the west portion of Chapala lake basin. Currently, surface discontinuities seem to be associated with subsiding bowls. In an effort to understand some of the conditioning factors to surface deformation, two sounding cores from the upper sequence (11 m depth) were extracted for analyzing physical and mechanical properties. The upper subsoil showed a predominant silty composition and several lenses of pumice pyroclastic sand. Despite the relative predominance of fine soil, the subsoil shows mechanical properties with low clay content, variable water content, low plasticity and variable compressibility index, amongst some others. Some of these properties seem to be influenced by the sandy pyroclastic lenses, therefore, a potential source of the ground failure could be heterogeneities in the upper soil.
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