Assessing the potential of SWVI (Soil Wetness Variation Index) for hydrological risk monitoring by means of satellite microwave observations

Other literature type English OPEN
Lacava, T. ; Greco, M. ; Leo, E. V. ; Martino, G. ; Pergola, N. ; Romano, F. ; Sannazzaro, F. ; Tramutoli, V. (2005)

In the last years satellite remote sensing applications in hydrology have considerably progressed. A new multi-temporal satellite data-analysis approach has been recently suggested in order to estimate space-time changes of geophysical parameters possibly related to the increase of environmental and hydro-geological hazards. Such an approach has been already used both for flooded area mapping (using AVHRR data) and for soil wetness index estimation (using AMSU data). <P style="line-height: 20px;"> In this work, a preliminary sensitivity analysis of the proposed Soil Wetness Variation Index (<I>SWVI</I>) is made in the case of low intensity meteorological events by the comparison with hydrological (precipitation) data. This analysis, as a first step of a more complex work in progress, is targeted to a first evaluation of the reliability of the <I>SWVI</I> in describing soil response to precipitations of different duration and intensity.
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