An Improved Hydrometeor Detection Method for Millimeter-Wavelength Cloud Radar

Other literature type English OPEN
Ge, Jinming ; Zhu, Zeen ; Zheng, Chuang ; Xie, Hailing ; Zhou, Tian ; Huang, Jianping ; Fu, Qiang (2016)

A new method is proposed to distinguish clouds and other hydrometeors from noise in cloud radar observations. Instead of examining radar return for significant levels of signals, which is used in current cloud radar hydrometeor detection algorithms, this new method extracts signals by first reducing noise distribution to a narrow range. "Square clouds" were constructed to test the two schemes. We applied our method to two months of cloud radar observations, and compared the results with those obtained by applying the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Atmospheric Radiation Measurements (ARM) program operational algorithm. It was found that our method has significant advantages in recognizing clouds with weak signal and reducing the rates of both failed negative and false positive hydrometeor identifications.
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