Validation of OMI tropospheric NO2 column data using MAX-DOAS measurements deep inside the North China Plain in June 2006: Mount Tai Experiment 2006

Other literature type English OPEN
Irie, H. ; Kanaya, Y. ; Akimoto, H. ; Tanimoto, H. ; Wang, Z. ; Gleason, J. F. ; Bucsela, E. J. (2008)

A challenge for the quantitative analysis of tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO<sub>2</sub>) column data from satellite observations is posed partly by the lack of satellite-independent observations for validation. We performed such observations of the tropospheric NO<sub>2</sub> column using the ground-based Multi-Axis Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) technique in the North China Plain (NCP) from 29 May to 29 June, 2006. Comparisons between tropospheric NO<sub>2</sub> columns measured by MAX-DOAS and the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) onboard the Aura satellite indicate that OMI data (the standard product, version 3) over NCP may have a positive bias of 1.6&times;10<sup>15</sup> molecules cm<sup>&minus;2</sup> (20%), yet within the uncertainty of the OMI data. Combining these results with literature validation results for the US, Europe, and Pacific Ocean suggests that a bias of +20%/&minus;30% is a reasonable estimate, accounting for different regions.
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