Seismicity anomalies prior to 8 June 2008, Mw=6.4 earthquake in Western Greece

Other literature type English OPEN
Chouliaras, G. (2009)

The epicentral area of the <i>M<sub>w</sub></i>=6.4, 8 June 2008 main shock in northwestern Peloponesus, Western Greece, had been forecasted as a candidate for the occurrence of a strong earthquake by independent scientific investigations. This study concerns the seismicity of a large area surrounding the epicenter of the main shock using the seismological data from the monthly bulletins of the Institute of Geodynamics of the National Observatory of Athens. This data set is the most detailed earthquake catalog available for anomalous seismicity pattern investigations in Greece. The results indicate a decrease in seismicity rate seven years prior to the 8 June main shock which constituted a two and a half year long seismic quiescence surrounding the epicentral area. This quiescence anomaly was succeeded by a period of acceleration in seismic activity for five years approximately, until the occurrence of the main shock.
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