Characteristics of the NO-NO2-O3 system in different chemical regimes during the MIRAGE-Mex field campaign

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Shon, Z.-H. ; Madronich, S. ; Song, S.-K. ; Flocke, F. M. ; Knapp, D. J. ; Anderson, R. S. ; Shetter, R. E. ; Cantrell, C. A. ; Hall, S. R. ; Tie, X. (2008)

The NO-NO<sub>2</sub> system was analyzed in different chemical regimes/air masses based on observations of reactive nitrogen species and peroxy radicals made during the intensive field campaign MIRAGE-Mex (4 to 29 March 2006). The air masses were categorized into 5 groups based on combinations of macroscopic observations, geographical location, meteorological parameters, models, and observations of trace gases: boundary layer (labeled as "BL"), biomass burning ("BB"), free troposphere (continental, "FTCO" and marine, "FTMA"), and Tula industrial complex ("TIC"). In general, NO<sub>2</sub>/NO ratios in different air masses are near photostationary state. Analysis of this ratio can be useful for testing current understanding of tropospheric chemistry. The ozone production efficiency (OPE) for the 5 air mass categories ranged from 4.5 (TIC) to 8.5 (FTMA), consistent with photochemical aging of air masses exiting the Mexico City Metropolitan Area.
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