Application of ZY-3 remote sensing image in the research of Huashan experimental watershed

Other literature type English OPEN
Guo, K. ; Wang, J. ; Wang, Y. (2015)

Spatial information of Huashan experimental watershed, such as a DEM and land-use types, is extracted from ZY-3 images and studied for digital watershed construction and hydrological simulation. A high-accuracy DEM is extracted from the ZY-3 stereoscopic image. Water body information is extracted from high-accuracy fused images by the method of supervised classification with object-oriented techniques. Land-use types are extracted by the decision tree classification method based on mono-temporal fused image and multiple-temporal multispectral images. The construction of the classification decision tree of the mono-temporal images is based on a multivariate statistical analysis method and the construction of classification decision tree of the multiple-temporal images is based on the CART algorithm. The land-use information which meets the accuracy needs is synthesized into a final land-use map. The accuracy of the final land-use map was evaluated; the overall classification accuracy was 92.04% and the Kappa coefficient was 0.9030.
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