Projected pH reductions by 2100 might put deep North Atlantic biodiversity at risk

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Gehlen, M. ; Séférian, R. ; Jones, D. O. B. ; Roy, T. ; Roth, R. ; Barry, J. ; Bopp, L. ; Doney, S. C. ; Dunne, J. P. ; Heinze, C. ; Joos, F. ; Orr, J. C. ; Resplandy, L. ; Segschneider, J. ; Tjiputra, J. (2018)

This study aims to evaluate the potential for impacts of ocean acidification on North Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems in response to IPCC AR5 Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs). Deep-sea biota is likely highly vulnerable to changes in seawater chemistry and sensi... View more
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