Convective, intrusive geothermal plays: what about tectonics?

Other literature type English OPEN
Santilano, A. ; Manzella, A. ; Gianelli, G. ; Donato, A. ; Gola, G. ; Nardini, I. ; Trumpy, E. ; Botteghi, S. (2015)

We revised the concept of convective, intrusive geothermal plays, considering that the tectonic setting is not, in our opinion, a discriminant parameter suitable for a classification. We analysed and compared four case studies: (i) Larderello (Italy), (ii) Mt Amiata (Italy), (iii) The Geysers (USA) and (iv) Kizildere (Turkey). The tectonic settings of these geothermal systems are different and a matter of debate, so it is hard to use this parameter, and the results of classification are ambiguous. We suggest a classification based on the age and nature of the heat source and the related hydrothermal circulation. Finally we propose to distinguish the convective geothermal plays as volcanic, young intrusive and amagmatic.
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