Nacelle power curve measurement with spinner anemometer and uncertainty evaluation

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Demurtas, Giorgio ; Friis Pedersen, Troels ; Wagner, Rozenn (2016)

The objective of this investigation was to verify the feasibility of using the spinner anemometer calibration and nacelle transfer function determined on one reference wind turbine, in order to assess the power performance of a second identical turbine. An experiment was set up with a met mast in a position suitable to measure the power curve of the two wind turbines, both equipped with a spinner anemometer. An IEC 61400-12-1-compliant power curve was then measured for both wind turbines using the met mast. The NTF (nacelle transfer function) was measured on the reference wind turbine and then applied to both turbines to calculate the free wind speed. For each of the two wind turbines, the power curve (PC) was measured with the met mast and the nacelle power curve (NPC) with the spinner anemometer. Four power curves (two PCs and two NPCs) were compared in terms of AEP (annual energy production) for a Rayleigh wind speed probability distribution. For each wind turbine, the NPC agreed with the corresponding PC within 0.10 % of AEP for the reference wind turbine and within 0.38 % for the second wind turbine, for a mean wind speed of 8 m s<sup>−1</sup>.
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