Single-block rockfall dynamics inferred from seismic signal analysis

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Hibert, Clément ; Malet, Jean-Philippe ; Bourrier, Franck ; Provost, Floriane ; Berger, Frédéric ; Bornemann, Pierrick ; Tardif, Pascal ; Mermin, Eric (2017)
  • Publisher: European Geosciences Union
  • Journal: (issn: 2196-632X, eissn: 2196-632X)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5194/esurf-5-283-2017, doi: 10.5194/esurf-2016-64
  • Subject: [ SDE ] Environmental Sciences | ONDE DE CHOC | signal processing | TRAITEMENT DU SIGNAL | rockfall | CHUTE DE PIERRES

International audience; Seismic monitoring of mass movements can significantly help to mitigate the associated hazards; however, the link between event dynamics and the seismic signals generated is not completely understood. To better understand these relationships, we conducted controlled releases of single blocks within a soft-rock (black marls) gully of the Rioux-Bourdoux torrent (French Alps). A total of 28 blocks, with masses ranging from 76 to 472 kg, were used for the experiment. An instrumentation combining video cameras and seismometers was deployed along the travelled path. The video cameras allow reconstructing the trajectories of the blocks and estimating their velocities at the time of the different impacts with the slope. These data are compared to the recorded seismic signals. As the distance between the falling block and the seismic sensors at the time of each impact is known, we were able to determine the associated seismic signal amplitude corrected for propagation and attenuation effects. We compared the velocity, the potential energy lost, the kinetic energy and the momentum of the block at each impact to the true amplitude and the radiated seismic energy. Our results suggest that the amplitude of the seismic signal is correlated to the momentum of the block at the impact. We also found relationships between the potential energy lost, the kinetic energy and the seismic energy radiated by the impacts. Thanks to these relationships, we were able to retrieve the mass and the velocity before impact of each block directly from the seismic signal. Despite high uncertainties, the values found are close to the true values of the masses and the velocities of the blocks. These relationships allow for gaining a better understanding of the physical processes that control the source of high-frequency seismic signals generated by rockfalls.
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