The street, an area exposed to earthquakes (the Lorca case, Spain 2011)

Other literature type English OPEN
B. Rojo, M. ; Beck, E. ; Lutoff, C. (2016)

The Lorca earthquake (Spain, 11-05-2011) caused considerable damages, including a building collapse. This earthquake killed 9 persons affected outside the buildings, on the street, and more than 300 people injured. Studying this specific human exposure requires an adapted methodolgy. This article proposes a dynamic and spatio-temporal approach of individual mobility during the seismic crisis. Its application on Lorca case shows spatial and temporal variability of individual exposure level in the street during the hours following the shake. Not really studied until now, this specific human exposure deserves more attention particularly in zones of moderate seismicity, like Euromediterranean area.
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