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Malihi, S. ; Maboudi, M. ; Pourmomen, M. (2012)

Digital aerial cameras are near to become the predominant sensor for photogrammetric image acquisition. The technology of GPS and IMU integrated with a digital aerial camera is a complex procedure of aerial photography with possibility of decreasing number of necessary ground control points (GCPs) for aerial triangulation (AT). Moreover, direct georeferencing, which uses calculated parameters by GPS/IMU directly, is undertaken for a range of projects. <br><br> In this regard determination of the geometric relationship between GPS, IMU and camera geometry is a significant factor. Also compensation of camera rotations during the flight, which is carried out by stabilizer, plays a principle role for its successful operation. This paper will discuss calculation of 3 requisite rotational connecting parameters of geometry of camera and GPS/IMU and revise the effect of height on them.
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