Impact of Optimal Observational Time Window on Parameter Optimization and Climate Prediction: Simulation with a Simple Climate Model

Other literature type English OPEN
Yuxin Zhao, A. A. ; Xiong Deng, B. B. ; Shuo Yang, C. C. (2016)

Usually, an optimal time window (OTW) centred at the assimilation time to collect measured data for an assimilation cycle, can greatly improve the CDA analysis skill. Here, with a simple coupled model, we study the impact of optimal OTWs on the quality of parameter optimization and climate prediction. Results show that the optimal OTWs of valid atmosphere or ocean observations exist for the parameter being estimated and incorporating the parameter optimization will do some impact on the optimal OTWs for the state estimation. And using the optimal OTWs can enhance the predictability both of the atmosphere and ocean.
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