Rainfall and streamflow sensor network design: A review of applications, classification, and a proposed framework

Article, Unknown English OPEN
Chacon Hurtado, J. ; Alfonso, Leonardo ; Solomatine, D.P. (2017)

<p>Sensors and sensor networks play an important role in decision-making related to water quality, operational streamflow forecasting, flood early warning systems, and other areas. In this paper we review a number of existing applications and analyse a variety of evaluation and design procedures for sensor networks with respect to various criteria. Most of the existing approaches focus on maximising the observability and information content of a variable of interest. From the context of hydrological modelling only a few studies use the performance of the hydrological simulation in terms of output discharge as a design criterion. In addition to the review, we propose a framework for classifying the existing design methods, and a generalised procedure for an optimal network design in the context of rainfall-runoff hydrological modelling.</p>
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