The time dependence of molecular iodine emission from Laminaria digitata

Other literature type English OPEN
Dixneuf, S. ; Ruth, A. A. ; Vaughan, S. ; Varma, R. M. ; Orphal, J. (2009)

We present the first in situ detection of molecular iodine emitted from the brown macroalga <i>Laminaria digitata</i> under natural stress conditions. We show that the release of I<sub>2</sub> occurs in short, strong bursts with a complex time signature. The new data indicate that algal control of I<sub>2</sub> release in the form of an oscillatory time-dependence may be based on a nonlinear autocatalytic reaction scheme which is closely linked to the production of H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub>.
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