Azimuthally asymmetric ring current as a function of Dst and solar wind conditions

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Maltsev, Y. P. ; Ostapenko, A. A. (2004)

Based on magnetic data, spatial distribution of the westward ring current flowing at |z|&lt;3 <i>R<sub>E</sub></i> has been found under five levels of <i>D<sub>st</sub></i>, five levels of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) <i>z</i> component, and five levels of the solar wind dynamic pressure <i>P<sub>sw</sub></i>. The maximum of the current is located near midnight at distances 5 to 7 <i>R<sub>E</sub></i>. The magnitude of the nightside and dayside parts of the westward current at distances from 4 to 9 <i>R<sub>E</sub></i> can be approximated as <i>I</i><sub>night</sub>=1.75-0.041 <i>D<sub>st</sub></i>, <i>I</i><sub>noon</sub>=0.22-0.013 <i>D<sub>st</sub></i>, where the current is in MA. The relation of the nightside current to the solar wind parameters can be expressed as <i>I</i><sub>night</sub>=1.45-0.20 <i>B<sub>s</sub></i> <i>IMF</i> + 0.32 <i>P<sub>sw</sub></i>, where <i>B<sub>s</sub></i>IMF is the IMF southward component. The dayside ring current poorly correlates with the solar wind parameters.
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