Idiopathic fibrotic lung disease at a university hospital setting: management and prognostic factors

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Janson, Christer ; Rad, Parya ; Karlsson, Carl-Axel (2015)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: European Clinical Respiratory Journal, volume 2 (eissn: 2001-8525)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/ecrj.v2.26915, doi: 10.3402/ecrj.v2i0.26915, pmc: PMC4629758
  • Subject: Original Article | pulmonary fibrosis, mortality, diagnostics | diagnostics | fibrotic lung disease | survival | idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis | prognosis

Background: Idiopathic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia consists of many subtypes, most associated with a poor prognosis. The aim of the study was to evaluate diagnostic procedures and treatment as well as survival in patients with idiopathic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia.Methods: This study comprised 175 patients with idiopathic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia (ICD 10 code J84) that had been diagnosed at Uppsala University Hospital, during 2005 to 2012. Patient records were reviewed concerning: gender, age, smoking, occupational exposure, comorbidities, procedures, lung function, and treatment. Information on survival and cause of death was collected.Results: A total of 98% had been examined with computed tomography, 93% with spirometry, 49% with measurement of diffusion capacity, 48% with bronchoalveolar lavage, and 23% with lung biopsy. Prednisolone had been prescribed to 74% while N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and omeprazole were prescribed to 54%, respectively. Five-year survival was 46%. Mortality was associated with high age, low diffusion capacity, and the use of NAC.Conclusion: High age and a low diffusion capacity are related to shorter survival in idiopathic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia. We also unexpectedly found that the use of NAC was related to shorter survival. A relatively low proportion of the patients were examined with diffusion capacity measurement. Thus, there is a possibility to improve diagnostic procedures and thereby improve estimation of prognosis in fibrotic lung disease.Keywords: fibrotic lung disease; idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; diagnostics; prognosis; survival(Published: 24 March 2015)Citation: European Clinical Respiratory Journal 2015, 2: 26915 - Editor: Riitta Kaarteenaho, Oulu, Finland.
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