Molecular nanotechnologies of gelatin-immobilization using macrocyclic metal chelates

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Mikhailov, Oleg V. (2014)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: Nano Reviews, volume 5 (eissn: 2000-5121)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/nr.v5.21485, doi: 10.3402/nano.v5.21485, pmc: PMC3918507
  • Subject: self-assembly | Review Article | nanoparticles | coordination compounds | nanotechnology | macrocyclic metal chelate | nanotechnology; nanoparticles; coordination compounds; self-assembly; macrocyclic metal chelate

This article is a review of recent developments in the self-assembled nanostructures based on chelate coordination compounds. Molecular nanotechnologies of self-assembly of 3d-element aza- and thiazametalmacrocyclic complexes that happen in nanoreactors on the basis of metal hexacyanoferrate(II) gelatin-immobilized matrix under their contact with water solutions containing various (N,O,S)-donor atomic ligands and organic compounds having one or two carbonyl groups have been considered in this review. It has been noted that the assortment of macrocyclic metal chelates obtained as a result of using molecular nanotechnologies in such specific conditions considerably differs from the assortment of metal chelates formed at the conditions traditional for chemical synthesis.Keywords: nanotechnology; nanoparticles; coordination compounds; self-assembly; macrocyclic metal chelate(Published: 7 February 2014)Citation: Nano Reviews 2014, 5: 21485 -
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