Australian ozone observations and a suggested 24 month cycle

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Funk, J. P. ; Garnham, G. L. (2011)

Ozone observational results for Aspendale, Lat. 38°02?S (6 1/2 yrs), Brisbane, Lat. 27°28?S (5 yrs) and Macquarie Island, Lat. 54°29?S (1 yr) are discussed. Compared to stations of similar latitude in the northern hemisphere the interdiurnal variation was found to be considerably smaller and the seasonal variation more regular. In addition Aspendale and Brisbane showed a distinct 24 month cycle. This cycle seems to be caused by changes in the stratospheric subsidence pattern rather than by synoptic scale advection. Some improvements in calibrational and observational procedure are mentioned as well as modification to the spectrophotometer itself.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1962.tb01350.x
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