Radiocarbon dated common mussels Mytilus edulis from eastern Svalbard and the Holocene marine climatic optimum

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Hjort, Christian ; Mangerud, Jan ; Adrielsson, Lena ; Bondevik, Stein ; Landvik, Jon Y. ; Salvigsen, Otto (1995)

The common mussel Mytilus edulis is an indicator of milder marine conditions in the Arctic, with stronger Atlantic Water influx, during the Holocene and earlier interglacials. Twelve Holocene radiocarbon dates of mytilus from eastern Svalbard fall between ca 8800 and 5000 BP and roughly delimit the marine climatic optimum period there. The beginning of this period in the east coincides with the immigration of boreal extralimital molluscs to western Svalbard, indicating the culmination of Holocene Atlantic influence.
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