Salt Nuclei, Wind and Daily Rainfall in Hawaii

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Woodcock, A. H. ; Mordy, W. A. (2011)

The discovery of large sea-salt particles at cloud levels led to the hypothesis that these particles act as nuclei on which raindrops initially form within clouds and to the suggestion that the amount of rainfall on an oceanic island might be a function of the number of the salt particles in the air. Exploratory observations of rain and airborne salt in Hawaii, which were intended to test this suggestion, are presented and discussed. These observations do not prove that greater numbers of salt nuclei are related to greater amounts of rain. They do, however, indicate that such a relationship may exist, and that additional field studies should be made which utilize the pertinent results of the present study.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1955.tb01165.x
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