An Experiment in Numerical Prediction with two Non-Geostrophic Barotropic Models

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Bring, A. ; Charasch, E. (2011)

The result of a test with two simple non-geostrophic barotropic models are discussed. One of these models is based on ideas presented in a previous article (Charash 1957). The forecasts obtained are found to differ significantly from forecasts obtained with the quasi-geostrophic model. Both non-geostrophic models appear to be free from one major weakness of the non-geostrophic model, i.e. the hypertrophy of anticyclones. It is suggested that the disappointing forecasting performance of baroclinic models hitherto to a considerable degree springs from a similar weakness as exposed here in the quasi-geostrophic barotropic model.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1958.tb01988.x
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