Regular fluctuations of surface ozone at Georg-von-Neumayer station, Antarctica

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It is shown, that surface ozone at the Georg-von-Neumayer (GvN) station in Antarctica exhibits long frequency fluctuations with periods at 30, 18, and 14 days. In some years, these periods are also visible in the temperature. Periods of 25-30 days have been established for antarctic radon-222 in the literature in several investigations, however, radon-222 measurements at GvN do not show the 30-day period which may be suppressed there by the meteorological situation. A hypothesis is proposed, explaining how the periodic fluctuations of ozone and of radon-222 at GvN and other sites could be caused by long-range transport phenomena. The mechanism which induces the periodic fluctuations remains unknown.DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0889.1992.00003.x
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