Geomagnetic secular variations (inclination) of high latitude fiord cores: eastern Canadian Arctic

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Andrews, John T. ; Jennings, Anne E. (1990)

Paleomagnetic measurements are reported from 11 piston cores, from the fiords and shelf of eastern Baffin Island, N.W.T., between latitudes 66 and 72 degrees north. The majority of the measurements arc from bioturbated, massive, or laminated mud, with some drop-stones and graded sand beds. Corrected radiocarbon dates on the acid-insoluble organic matter fraction, supplemented by AMS dates on in situbivalves, indicate that all cores extend into the early Holocene, and three extend into the latest Pleistocene Sedimentation rates averaged between 0.2m/ka and 1.4m/ka. Because of varying sedimentation rates, the depth scales are converted to 100 or 200 yr/sample time series. The results indicate a scries of geomagnetic secular oscillations with amplitudes in inclination of c. 10 degrees. A stacked record from four piston cores suggests seven major oscillations in inclination. Times when inclinations consistently exceeded 80° occurred c. 1,400, 4,500, and 8,000 B.P. The most characteristic oscillation occurred c.1,400 ± B.P., when inclinations were nearly vertical. Inclination errors are associated with gravity flows and/or with an increase in sand content, or changes in physical properties. In one core an interval of reverse polarity is attributed to a slump.
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