Arctic turquoise of Pai-Khoy (USSR)

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Belyaev, A. A. ; Ievlev, A. A. (1989)

The first manifestation of turquoise in the European part of the USSR was discovered in 1979 (Belyaev 1984). It is situated on the Yugorskiy peninsula in the middle stream region of the Silova-yaha river (Pai-Khoy mountain range) (Fig. 1). The manifestation is located in the north limb of the Middle-Silovskaya syncline structure and attracted to the zone of altered rocks of upper-Devonian age. The rocks are clay shales, fine-grained silicic and jasper-like rocks. Turquoise is located in three zones sub-concordant with the stratification, with a thickness of 1-3 metres, controlled by jointing and stratum separation. Fine impregnations of sulphide minerals (chalcopyrite, pyrite, covelline, sphalerite) and an abnormally high content of phosphorus (P205 0.142%) are noted in unaltered rocks.
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