Peer Review

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Muh. Ramli Ahmad, Muh. Ramli Ahmad (2017)

Peer review seems to have had its origins in 18th century England to combat plagiarism. But today, the objectives of peer review are to provide evaluations of the quality of scientific or editorial material submitted. Peer review provides a check on the validity of manuscripts and sets standards for scientific merit. Peer review should help editors in making decisions about the manuscripts by offering second and third opinions. It lifts the quality of published articles to a higher standard. Readers have greater respect for and confidence in peer-reviewed publications. The first question I was asked by a prospective author invited for JCHIMP, volume 1 #1, was ‘Is it a peer review journal?’.(Published: 15 October 2012)Citation: Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives 2012, 2: 19690 -