Genetics of asthma: an introduction for the clinician

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Thomsen, Simon F. (2015)
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  • Journal: European Clinical Respiratory Journal (vol: 2)
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  • Subject: Review Article | genetics | Asthma; genetics; genetic epidemiology; pharmacogenetics | gene discovery | linkage analysis | association analysis | asthma | epigenetics | pharmacogenetics | genetic epidemiology
    mesheuropmc: respiratory tract diseases

Asthma runs in families, and children of asthmatic parents are at increased risk of asthma themselves. Prediction of disease risk is pivotal for the clinician when counselling atopic families. However, this is not always an easy task bearing in mind the vast and ever increasing knowledge about asthma genetics. The advent of new genotyping technologies has made it possible to sequence in great detail the human genome for asthma associated variants, and accordingly, recent decades have witnessed an explosion in the number of rare and common variants associated with disease risk. This review presents an overview of methods and advances in asthma genetics in an attempt to help the clinician keeping track of the most important knowledge in the field.
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