Recent foraminiferal distribution in Freemansundet and Early Holocene stratigraphy on Edgeøya, Svalbard

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Hansen, Anette ; Knudsen, Karen Luise (1995)

The Present foraminiferal distribution (live + dead) in Freemansundet between Barentsøya and Edgeøya, Svalbard, has been compared with assemblages in raised marine Holocene deposits in Guldalen on Edgeeya. Four distinct foraminiferal assemblages were identified in Freemansundet, the Elphidium excavatum-Cassidulina reniforme assemblage, the Elphidium hallandense assemblage, the Cibicides lobatulus assemblage and the Elphidium incertum-Haynesina orbiculare assemblage. Four assemblage zones (Zones A-D) have been established in the glaciomarine to marine sediment sequence in Guldalen. Only two of the recent fauna! types were represented here. The Elphidium excavatum-Cassidulina reniforme assemblage, which reflects a proximal glacier environment, was found in the lowermost Zone A (the Elphidium excavatum Zone) and in Zone C (the Elphidium excavatum-Cassidulina reniforme Zone) in the Guldalen stratigraphy; the Elphidium incertum-Haynesina orbiculare assemblage, which reflects ameliorated shallow water conditions, was found in the uppermost Zone D in Guldalen. The marine sequence in Guldalen represents a relatively short period of time during the Early Holocene (ca 9700 to 8300 BP). The succession of the foraminiferal assemblages suggests that the deglaciation was interrupted by a cold period with glacial stagnation just after 9600 bp (Zone B. the Astrononion gallowayi-Nonionellina labradorica Zone).
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