A cloud climatology for the South Atlantic derived from METEOSAT I images

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Statistics of total and high-level cloud amount (monthly average and standard deviations) over 5° × 5° areas have been derived for the South Atlantic between 0°–40°S and 10°E–35°W from METEOSAT I data. Glossy prints of all available noon images between February 1978 and November 1979 have been evaluated with a threshold method using the VIS and IR data. The main features of the cloudiness over the South Atlantic are the highly persistent boundary layer cloudiness in the eastern regions, the high cloud coverage in connection with the subtropical jet stream and the relatively low cloud coverage in the western regions. The cloudiness in the eastern regions undergoes a clear seasonal cycle with maximum cloud amounts during September-November and minimum in June, while in the other regions, the seasonal cycle is less evident. A remarkable amount of high level cloud has been found during all months in connection with the subtropical jet stream, and between December and May near the coasts.DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0870.1986.tb00478.x
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