Exploring the origins of asthma: Lessons from twin studies

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Thomsen, Simon Francis (2014)

This thesis explores the contribution of twin studies, particularly those studies originating from the Danish Twin Registry, to the understanding of the aetiology of asthma. First, it is explored how twin studies have established the contribution of genetic and environmental factors to the variation in the susceptibility to asthma, and to the variation in several aspects of the clinical expression of the disease such as its age at onset, its symptomatology, its intermediate phenotypes, and its relationship with other atopic diseases. Next, it is explored how twin studies have corroborated theories explaining asthma’s recent increase in prevalence, and last, how these fit with the explanations of the epidemiological trends in other common chronic diseases of modernity.(Published: 1 September 2014)Citation: European Clinical Respiratory Journal 2014, 1: 25535 - http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/ecrj.v1.25535
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