Changes in Amplitude of the 27-day Variation in Cosmic Ray Intensity during the Solar Cycle of Activity

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Venkatesan, D. (2011)

The 27-day recurrence tendency in the cosmic ray intensity has been studied by the Chree method of analysis for the period 1937-55, using the ionisation chamber records at Huancayo. The amplitude of the 27-day variation changes from year to year. The variation in the amplitude is in general agreement with the changes in solar activity as revealed by the sun-spot number only for the years 1937-46 and 1952-55. This is in agreement with the results of Meyer and Simpson for the same periods, obtained from a slightly different method of analysis. The correlation breaks down for the period 1946-52 and this is discussed in terms of possible changes in the electromagnetic conditions in the interplanetary space during the solar cycle.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1958.tb01992.x
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