Numerical solutions of the vertical structure equation and associated energetics

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Castanheira, J. M. ; DaCamara, C. C. ; Rocha, A. (2011)

The vertical structure equation (VSE) is solved by a Galerkin method as used by Kasahara.The sensitivity of the vertical decomposition to the truncation order of the Legendre polynomialsseries is studied, with the aim of finding an adequate truncation order for a given data set.Obtained results show that: (1) the vertical scale decomposition presents little sensitivity to thetruncation order; (2) the order of truncation may be greater than the number of discrete levelsin the data set. It is finally shown that the proposed choice of truncation order may overcomethe problem of aliasing in the higher internal modes.DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0870.1999.t01-1-00001.x
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