Kinetische Isotopentrennung bei der Verdampfung von Wasser

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Ehhalt, Dieter Von ; Knott, Karl (2011)
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  • Journal: Tellus A (issn: 1600-0870)
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    arxiv: Physics::Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Water evaporating into air not saturated with water vapour shows a stronger enrichment of D and O-18 than could be ascribed to the simple equilibrium isotopic fractionation. Kinetic effects are responsible for the increase in isotopic fractionation between liquid and gaseous phase. The so-called kinetic fractionation factor is calculated by means of a simple model. Comparison with the experimentally obtained fractionation factors proves the assumption that the kinetic fractionation is produced by the different diffusion velocities of H2O-16, H2O-18 and HDO-16 in the surrounding turbulent air. The consequences of the kinetic separation for the evaporation of the oceans are briefly discussed. Those for the evaporation of a limited water reservoir in isotopic exchange with the water vapour of the air are more extensively investigated. In the latter case calculation and experiments show that during evaporation the D- and O-18-contents approach stationary values as the water mass decreases.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1965.tb01431.x
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