Nanostructured Pt(NH3)4Cl2/SiO2 for nanomedicine: catalytic degradation of DNA in cancer cells

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López, Tessy ; Islas, Emma Ortíz ; Alvarez Lemus, Mayra A. ; González, Richard Donald (2011)

In vivo suppression of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in Wistar rats using silica-shelled biocatalytic Pt(NH3)4Cl2 nanoparticles is reported. These nanoparticles were synthesized by a sol-gel technique and characterized by SEM and HRTEM imaging. We confirmed morphological uniformity (30 nm) and surface acidity of the nanoparticles, respectively, by TEM imaging and FTIR spectral analysis. Interestingly, treatment of Wistar rats intraperitoneally inoculated with C6 cells using the biocatalysts resulted in considerable tumor shrinkage. Efficiency of the biocatalyst to shrink a tumor is superior to that by the commercial cytotoxic agent cisplatin. The tumor suppression property of Pt(NH3)4Cl2 nanoparticles is attributed to catalytic damage of DNA in C6 cells. Keywords: nanotechnology; nanomedicine; local delivery; GBM; Pt(NH3)4Cl2/SiO2; sol-gel silica (Published: 13 January 2011) Citation: Nano Reviews 2011, 2: 5461 - DOI: 10.3402/nano.v2i0.5461 Access the supplementary material to this article: Sample preparation, Characterization, Animal model, Histological techniques (see Supplementary files in the column to the right - under Reading Tools).
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