Permian bryozoans from southern Spitsbergen and Bjørnøya. A review of bryozoans described by J. Malecki (1968, 1977)

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Nakrem, Hans A. (1988)

Bryozoans previously described by Malecki (1968, 1977) are revised and a full redescription is given of the timanodictyine cryptostome Gilmoropora heintzi (Malecki 1977), which was previously regarded as a trepostome. Ramipora hochstetteri Toula 1875, described as the fenestrate Septopora phyllata Malecki 1977, is a senior synonym of some subsequently described ramiporid cystoporates. A revised and updated stratigraphical distribution is given for all species, and a table of registered material is presented for each taxon.
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