The main features of condensation nuclei distribution in the free atmosphere over the European territory of the USSR

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Selezneva, E. S. (2011)

According to the numerous observations from airplanes the mean profiles of the condensation nuclei concentration up to the height of 6 km in different geographical points have been obtained and the regularity of their vertical distribution has been specified. It has been shown that the theoretical diffusion-coagulation formula (6) is in good agreement with the empirical data. According to the relations obtained the total of the condensation nuclei content in the troposphere (1.15· 1027 nuclei) has been estimated. Basing on the data of stationary soundings and on a great number of additional horizontal flights the peculiarities of geographical condensation nuclei distribution in the lower troposphere over the European territory of the USSR have been cleared up. The schematic maps of nuclei distribution at levels 2 and 3 km are given which are compared with the distribution of the atmospheric precipitation mineralization.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1966.tb00265.x
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