Foreword: The complex business of managing human activities and protecting the environment of the polar regions

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Tin, Tina ; Liggett, Daniela ; Maher, Patrick T. (2012)

The thematic cluster ‘‘Human impacts in the Arctic and Antarctic’’ in Polar Research has its origins in the International Polar Year (2007-09) Oslo Science Conference held in Oslo, Norway, from 8 to 12 June 2010. We were the co-convenors of the session ‘‘Human impacts in the Arctic and Antarctic: regulatory and management implications,’’ in which 27 talks and 21 posters were presented over the course of two days. We invited contributors to the conference session to explore all types of impacts of human activities and regional environmental change in the polar regions, with a special focus on highlighting the management priorities for the protection of the landscape (environment and people) of the polar regions in the face of increasing human activity. Exploring a wide range of topics ranging from human wildlife interactions to chemical contamination and from whaling to polar tourism, contributors provided examples of existing environmental management regimes that are working as well as those that are not.(Published: 28 December 2012)Citation: Polar Research 2012, 31, 20228,
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