Video observations of the underside of Arctic sea ice-features and morphology on medium and small scales

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Werner, Iris ; Lindemann, Frank (1997)

Morphological structures and the occurrence of sea-ice sediments and ice-related algae at the ice floe-water column interface were studied by video observations in summer 1995. Recordings at twelve stations in the northern Laptev Sea and the adjacent Arctic Ocean showed large variations. On a medium-scale (meters), level ice and deformed floes as well as whole rafted and stacked floes were found. At the underside of floes, small-scale structures (centimeters such as bulges, depressions and holes were observed. The surface and sides of rafted floes sometimes had downward running grooves. Sediment inclusions occurred in diffuse or concentrated forms as well as in parallel streaks. Ice-related algae were visible as green areas at the underside of floes or as threads hanging into the water column. The distribution of sediments and algae was patchy. Some processes which might lead to the observed structures are suggested.
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