A Relation between Meteor Showers and the Rainfall of November and December

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Bowen, E. G. (2011)

An examination is made of the November and December rainfall of approximately 300 stations distributed over the globe. Six singularities are found, five of which occur about 30 days after prominent meteor showers. This result is similar to one which has already been reported for the month of January. The remaining singularity on November 26 could be due to a daylight meteor stream from the direction of Virgo which has just been discovered in the Southern Hemisphere. One of the better known meteor showers during the period investigated, namely the Giacobinids is known to have an orbital period of 6.6 years. A similar recurrence tendency is found in the rainfall 30 days later.DOI: 10.1111/j.2153-3490.1956.tb01237.x
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