A teleconnection pattern in upper-level meridional wind over the North African and Eurasian continent in summer

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Lu, Ri-Yu ; Oh, Jai-Ho ; Kim, Baek-Jo (2011)

One-point correlation analysis on upper-level meridional wind identified the existence of ateleconnection pattern in July, which emerges from North Africa to East Asia along the westerlyjet in the middle latitudes. We examined the spatial and temporal structures of this teleconnectionpattern, and found the unique characteristics rather different from the patterns in otherelements such as geopotential height, streamfunction and vorticity. We also investigated therelationship between this teleconnection and precipitation, and suggested that the teleconnectionis a possible linkage of the EASM to the Indian monsoon, and even to subtropical heatinganomalies over Atlantic.DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0870.2002.00248.x
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