Organic acids in different size classes of atmospheric particulate material

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Ludwig, J. ; Klemm, O. (2011)

During fall and winter 1986/87, aerosol samples were collected with a 5-stage impactor in an urban, a suburban, and a rural area in Central Europe. The weak acid content of aerosol particles was characterized by buffer capacity titrations, and organic acids were determined by HPLC. C4-C6 dicarboxylic acids were found to be the main constituents of aerosol organic acids, with the highest concentrations occurring during a winter-time smog period. Size distributions of single species showed a maximum in the accumulation mode, indicating that these compounds have gaseous precursors. It is suggested that these precursors are of anthropogenic origin.DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0889.1988.tb00108.x
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