Five short pollen diagrams of soils from Jan Mayen, Norway: a testimony of a dynamic landscape

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Van der Knaap, W. O. (1987)
  • Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
  • Journal: Polar Research (issn: 1751-8369, eissn: 1751-8369)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3402/polar.v5i2.6876

Five soil cores varying in length from 30 to 42 cm and seven surface samples were analysed for pollen and spores. The soil layers of four cores were probably formed through redeposition of other eroded soils. Only in the Batvika core is the organic fraction of probable local origin, and here a chronology could be established. A total long-distance pollen influx of 14-22.5 grains/cm2/year was calculated. Nearly 2, 000 long-distance pollen grains were counted; the ratios of the dominant pollen types were calculated. Around Batvika the past environment was relatively stable; only one major shift in sedimentation environment is apparent from the diagram. In another diagram, expansion of Taraxacum species could be correlated with anthropogenic soil disturbance. The former presence of Lycopodium alpinum and Selaginella selaginoides on Jan Mayen is indicated by frequent spore finds; the latter species has not been found on the island before. Two unknown spore types are discussed.
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