Combined use of field observations and SAR interferometry to study ice dynamics and mass balance in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

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Dietrich, Reinhard ; Metzig, Robert ; Korth, Wilfried ; Perlt, James (1999)

In the region of the Schirmacheroase (71 °S, 12°E) various geodetic and glaciological research activities have been carried out in the last decade. Several times three geodetic-glaciological traverses were undertaken to study ice velocity, accumulation and ablation, and ice surface height changes. Repeated ground surveys show a significant decrease in surface heights by about 15 cm/y for a large blue-ice area. This paper presents the first interferometrically derived ice velocity field of the inland ice close to the Schirmacheroase. The interferometric analysis of the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data is performed in combination with ground-based information. Since only ERS-1&2 tandem mission image couples are available for this region a digital elevation model (DEM) is used to remove the effect of topography. Ice velocities up to 100 m/y are proved interferometrically for this part of the inland ice.
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