Year-long carbon dioxide exchange above a broadleaf deciduous forest in Sapporo, Northern Japan

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Nakai, Y. ; Kitamura, K. ; Suzuki, S. ; Abe, S. (2011)

This paper reports the results of a full year (2000) of measurements of CO2 flux at a successional forest of mature birch and growing oak with Sasa-bamboo in Sapporo, Japan. Eddy covariance fluxes of CO2 were obtained using a closed-path infrared gas analyzer. Changes in CO2 storage under the eddy-flux measurement level were quantified using vertical profiles of the CO2 concentration. Seasonal variations in net CO2 exchange between the forest and the atmosphere are discussed in terms of both phenological developments of the forest canopy and micrometeorological variables. To estimate the annual exchange of CO2, the net CO2exchange data both during periods of poor turbulence and during periods of missing data were replaced by simple parametric models based on measurements of soil temperatures and photosynthetically active radiation. The corrected annual carbon sequestration estimate was 260 g C m−2. The estimates of annual gross carbon gain and loss at the forest were 1120 and 860 g C m−2.DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0889.2003.01413.x
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